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We are 90 years old!

Mosgiprotrans JSC celebrates its 90th anniversary today! On the eve of this event Igor Mitsuk, General Director of Mosgiprotrans JSC, gave a long interview about business, development and plans for the future. We quote interesting remarks from this conversation:

The 90th anniversary gives more responsibilities than preferences as a matter of fact. It is a mistake to think that with such experience one can permit oneself to loosen up. Every day has to be started from scratch, no matter what the past has been like. For the reason that nowadays the time demands to be professionals right here and right now. Everyone wants to see efficiency from the company this day. At the same time, when the brand exists for 90 years, there is less margin for error compared to young companies. The level of responsibility is increasing, not of preferences. Despite the almost century-old path, we do not stop and we only move forward!

The team of Mosgiprotrans JSC is the companys core value. It consists of unique people capable of accomplishing challenging tasks, thinking, advancing. We practice individual selection of specialists, invite them to our team and educate professionals within ourselves. The institute builds close relationships with universities, runs a program on the students practical training and then their selection for work in the company. We have professional development programs in order to improve the overall quality level of Mosgiprotrans JSC employees. It is also very important that our team consists of representatives of all age groups. Such a system allows young people to learn from older, experienced professionals. It is important for us to give opportunity for an engineer to team up and thus benefit both him and the company."

As a reminder Mosgiprotrans JSC is one of the largest engineering design institutes in Russia, specializing in various types of surveys and design of transport objects, in integrated engineering design of railway systems. The Baikal Amur Mainline, the High Speed Railway Line HSR 2 Moscow - Kazan, Olympic objects in Sochi, Moscow Central Diameters and others are just a small part of the significant projects in the company's portfolio.

The companys plans of taking over the world, what is the most difficult in the profession of an engineering designer, the experience gained by the specialists of Mosgiprotrans JSC during Moscow Central Diameters designing and much more can be found in the full version of the interview.

15 2021
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