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Design and Survey Institute JSC Mosgiprotrans is one of the oldest in Russia.

JSC Mosgiprotrans started its activity in 1931. Moscow Design and Survey Bureau Mostransproekt established in 1935 was reorganized into Moscow State Design and Survey Institute Mosgiprotrans in 1951 and received status of JSC in 1993 as a result of privatization.

The history of the institute already covers 90 years and it is inseparably linked with the history of our country. During the 20th century the enormous work of the Mosgiprotrans staff had largely contributed the development of the regions distant from the capital. During the Great Patriotic War the facilities developed by the specialists of the institute played a major role in achieving the victory. In the postwar years destroyed railways, throughways, bridges, water supply sites, residential areas and some other facilities were reconstructed under the Mosgiprotrans projects. Mosgiprotrans was the General Designer of legendary Baikal-Amur Mainline Railway (BAM) and performed design and survey works in the very difficult conditions. These are only the most major milestones in the history of Mosgiprotrans.

Today JSC Mosgiprotrans is one of the largest Russian institutes specializing in various kinds of survey works and in design of transport facilities. Engineers of more than 50 specializations work in the institute and total number of the personnel is more than 1000 people.

The specialists of the institute develop complex projects on the construction of railways and motor roads, railway stations and hubs, locomotive and carriage facilities, civil, industrial and municipal buildings, communication systems, water-supply facilities, electrical supply and power supply systems; they implement projects on hydro-mechanical works, drilling and blasting operations and environmental protection.

The institute possesses high-tech equipment that allows conducting all kinds of engineering surveys including distance methods with the use of Global Positioning Satellite survey and Global Positioning Systems.

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