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Russia and Kazakhstan have agreed on the route for the "Eurasia" high-speed railroad
17 2017
Meeting with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Russian Railways CEO Oleg Belozerov
15 2017
Vladimir Putin assessed the economic effect of the future railway corridor through Russia
10 2017
Everything the ecologists wanted to know about HSR but were afraid to ask
09 2017
Mastery of selling innovations
20 2017
Familiarization of citizens and representatives of legal entities with project of demarcation of the Moscow Kazan HSR area
18 2017
The project for constructing the Moscow-Kazan HSR on the territory of the Chuvash Republic was discussed at the meeting of the working group
05 2017
Round table dedicated to environmental issues It is necessary to spread approaches to designing Moscow-Kazan HSR
28 2017
President of JSC RZD Oleg Belozerov and President of the New Development Bank Kundapur Vaman Kamath discussed potential partnership in implementating major infrastructure projects
05 2017
Meeting of the session Development of rapid and high-speed railway transportation of the Scientific and Technical Council of JSC RZD was held in Moscow
25 2017
Russian-Chinese working group reviews Eurasia high-speed rail project
24 2017
Presentation: The effects of HSR on railway industry: 7 key tracks
16 2017
Awarding of the employees of JSC Mosgiprotrans
04 2017
Maksim Oreshkin: Moscow - Kazan HSR must be set up to effectively implement the project of a high-speed route Europe - Asia
10 2017
Glavgosexpertiza gives go-head to HSR Moscow-Kazan project in Moscow and Vladimir regions
05 2017
Moscow Kazan is first the stage of a large-scale transport project
05 2017
Public hearings regarding construction of the Moscow-Kazan HSR were held in Kazan
15 2017
Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov and President of JSC RZD Oleg Belozerov took a stand for the earliest implementation of HSR projects
08 2017
Alexander Misharin: Even skeptics agree that HSR should be built
08 2017
Moscow receives a prestigious prize of Global Public Transport Awards 2017.
22 2017