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A high-speed train, over 400 m in length, tests in China
The first tests of the new Fuxing train were held in Beijing. The length of the train is twice that of the current trains, and its speed reaches 350 km/h.

Photo by Yang Baosen / Xinhua / AP

In Beijing, the first tests of a high-speed Fuxing train were completed, consisting of 16 wagons with a total length of 415 m. informs Chinese agency Xinhua with reference to the message of the manufacturer CRRC Tangshan.

It is reported that the estimated speed of the new train is 315 km/h, and its length is twice the current train. The train is designed to carry more than 1,100 passengers.

The developer emphasizes that only 28 tests are planned, after which permission will be obtained for the design and manufacture of these trains. The train is fully developed in China, will have a longer service life and be distinguished by increased reliability, the manufacturer promises.

The agency adds that in recent decades China has been actively developing a network of high-speed railways in the country. To date, it is the longest in the world, about a third of the entire network is designed for a speed of 350 km/h.

 At present, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and Hyperloop One are implementing the Hyperloop super-fast train system project, which was created by SpaceX chapter Ilon Mask. According to the idea of ​​the author of the project, the super-high-speed system is a closed pipe in which the train can travel at a speed of 480 to 1220 km/h due to the lack of rail friction and air resistance.

In August, China’s aerospace and industrial corporation (CASIC), owned by the state, announced plans to develop supersonic transport network HyperFlight, speed of movement on which at the first stage will make 1 thousand km/h.

By: Maria Bondarenko

Source: RBK

12 марта 2018
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