The Institute develops all types of communications systems used for railways and motor roads, metropolitan, oil and gas pipelines, in cities and settlements.

Main types of projects:

  • new communications lines (cable, fibro-optic line for any type of equipment buried and installed on transmission towers);

  • reconstruction of fibro-optic lines using new dense wavelength division multiplexing technology DWDM;

  • SDH communications networks;

  • engineering communication:

  • digital networks (operational telecommunication, general-purpose telephone network);

  • digital train radio systems;

  • radio communication of hectometer and meter wave bands (GSM-R and DMR standards);

  • fleet digital two-side loud-speaking communication system;

  • general-purpose and operational data communication netwroks;

  • broadband wireless access system;

  • network clocking systems;

  • Signalling System No. 7 networks;

  • integrated monitoring and administration network;

  • centralized network for recording corporate talks and video information;  

  • time standard system;

  • audio and video conference call systems;

  • transportation management systems based on GPS/GLONASS;

  • stationary and mobile radiotelephone networks;

  • corporative communication systems, private-branch industrial communication automatic telephone systems, data transmission networks and local area networks;

  • access nodes for different communication networks;

  • reconstruction of telegraphic network;  

  • power supply systems for communications objects including diesel power units.

Besides communications systems the Institute design security systems of any scale and complexity, including integrated safety control systems that make part of:

  • video surveillance;

  • security and fire alarm system;

  • access monitoring and control system;

  • presence-detecting and anti-intrusion protection systems;  

  • process safety systems;

  • information security system, etc.