The specialists of the Institute design all kinds of modern automation and telemechanics systems for railways.

They have extensive experience in the reconstruction and improvement of any current railway automation and telemechanics systems being in operation.

Types of designed systems:

  • relay, relay processing and microprocessor interlocking systems “Ebilok-950” and “EC-EM” of JSC “Radioavionika” and others;

  • auto-blocking systems: decentralized relay auto-blocking systems, auto-blocking systems with audio frequency track circuits and centralized equipment deployment, microprocessor auto-blocking systems with mobile block-sections integrated in microprocessor centralization;

  • linking to centralized traffic control systems “Setun”, “Dialogue”, DC-YuG with RKP and KP “Krug”, “Trakt”, “Setun” and systems of technical diagnostics and monitoring of automation and telemechanics systems based on APK DK and ADK SCB;

  • linking to relay and microprocessor systems of humps automation;

  • crossing and tunnel signalization;

  • power supply for automation and telemechanics systems;

  • automatic train braking system SAUT-CM and SAUT-CM/NSP;

  • key interlocking of railway points and signals;

  • notification system alerting rail workers when a train is approaching work area.