The Institute develops projects for construction, reconstruction and repair of residential, public, transport and industrial bulings and facilities.

Main tasks:

Architectural solutions:

  • urban planning solutions;

  • design of city blocks and settlements;

  • architectural and space planning solutions;

  • façade solutions and passports of color appearance;

  • 3D modeling, photorealistic renderings and video clips of groups of buildings, separate buildings and interiors;

  • interior design.

Design solutions:

  • proportioning of structures and buildings using finite element software;

  • design of reinforced concrete structures (precast, monolithic);

  • design of metal structures;

  • design of structures in difficult geological conditions;

  • design in areas of seismicity from 7 to 9 points;

  • design in mountainous areas.

Development of technologies:

  • for operation of transport hubs and railway stations;

  • for access control systems, automated systems of payment, control and registering, ticket terminals and offices;

  • for public catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, canteens, etc.);

  • for public facilities (kindergartens, secondary and higher educational institutions, sports facilities, health facilities, etc.).

General layout and urban land improvement:

  • functional and planning solutions for building facilities;

  • general layout;

  • vertical land levelling;

  • urban landscaping including pavements, cycle paths, small architectural forms;

  • transport service for facilities (internal development roads) and linking to the existing transport infrastructure.